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CV. Tijar Global Trading
Jl. Kapten Mulyadi No.175, Kec. Ps. Kliwon - 57118

CV. Tijar Global Trading was founded in 2020, a company that focuses on the distribution of imported food, beverages and cosmetics. Our company continues to develop products to lead the sale of halal products in Indonesia.

Our company is committed to providing high quality products and services. We operate in Soloraya, by serving in Traditional Retail Trade, Modern Retail Trade. Tijar Global Trading (TGT) is a company that will always maintain the intention to turn every activity into worship based on the correct sharia.

We always work wholeheartedly to get the abundance of blessings from Allah Ta'ala and provide comfort to all business partners.


Be leading halal and prime consumer goods business in the world.


1.   Creating a modern sharia-based trading scheme.

2.   Providing halal, best, quality and valuable and innovative products and services in order to achieve the satisfaction of business partners and customers.

3.   Improving competence and noble attitude as the basis for developing systems, human resources, and leading commercial technology for mutual progress.

4.   Helps to create blessed prosperity and abundance.

Our Values

SAVE (Syariat – Add Value)


The company that will always maintain the intention to make every activity into worship by basing the right sharia.

Add Value

Committed to always provide the best service for every customer

GOAL (Greatfull-Optimisme- Abudance- Learn Growth)


The company will never give up in facing any situation and condition because always being grateful is one of the ways we believe in realizing the dreams we have made.


The company has a noble goal that we will continue to cultivate and strive wholeheartedly in achieving it.


The company is committed to always working wholeheartedly in order to get the abundance of blessings from Allah Ta'ala and provide comfort to all customers.

Learn Growth

We are a team that is thirsty for knowledge and experience and will continue to pursue it with all hard efforts and with a humble attitude.

RICH ( Respect Other - Integrity dan Commitment – High Performance )

Respect Other

The company is committed not to differentiate social status in providing the best service for every commercial stakeholder.

Integrity dan Commitment

The company does not compromise to achieve dreams by making integrity and commitment as our foundation in achieving them.

High Performance

The company is committed to putting in more effort than what we can afford to achieve optimal success and benefits from what we do.